Business news

The world of business is an everchanging and evolving beast isn’t it? This is especially true in today’s market place. Actually, business and the global economy has been in flux for a decade, with no sign of stabilizing. Sure, there are always going to be businesses and business sectors that do well while other buisness sectors struggle, and vice versa.

Cyclical business practices aren’t anything new. What’s new is what the future holds. It seems that innovative companies have weathered the economic storms of recent years. Those at the top of their game have gone on to fill the void left in their respective markets left by the fledgling competitors.

Products and services continue to move to online platforms. Unorthodox eServices like Uber are booming. After all, who would have thought a service like Uber was even possible. However, and despite its teething problems, Uber is alive and well. In fact, they have inspired internet entrapranuers to innovate and challenged the establishment. Now, everything from grocery shopping, to dating, to audio book services can be found in an app store.

The internet revolutionised the world — information has never been so abundant. More so, the internet and eService continue to revolutionize how we do business. The world will never be the same again as digitization brings a whole new meaning to globalization. Internet services and app-based initiatives and their creators are this era’s explorers. They are quite litrally breaking new fronteers in this regard — exciting times.

Oddly enough, there is still quite a lot of resistance from what is arguably called progress. This is mainly due to sceptism as it relates to the last eRevolutions — the dot com bubble… remember that? What a time! Dot com enterprises were popping up everywhere. With speculative investment gone made, these new startup companies were supercharged with billions in investor money. Great! Right? Wrong!

This fad grew to big too fast. The honeymoon period was short lived and it wasn’t long before investors wanted their ROI. Battling the challenges of a virgin online market place, consumers were imature as was ecommerce technology, processes, and practices. This is not to mention telecomms infrastructure and regulations.

Hinde sight is 20/20 and the problems many companies sucumed to back then seem really obvious now! But we need to remember that the trail blazed back then laid the foundation for the prosperity we have today… which is a good thing in our book.

As a result, any 15 year old with a laptopo and a few dollars pocket money can open up an eCommerce store inside of an hour. What’s more, we’re living in a time when there have never been so many millionnaires under the age of 25. This is simply amazing, the level of innovation is unprecendented… also a good thing in our book.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with your online business… you wont regret it.